Memorial and Emeritus



These are team members who are no longer active, but have had a significant impact on our team. We honor the work they have done.

K9 Roxy in the SnowK9 Roxy was certified in Wilderness Airscent.  She is currently on leave due to an injury.  She is always willing to help out at our PR events and enjoys mentoring her younger sister Parker.





In Memorium

We honor the work of those who have passed on and keep them in our hearts.

K9 Handler and K9Bob Fuller joined the SCVSAR K9 team in 2003. Bob and K9 Peer (pictured) certified in Wilderness Airscent and were instrumental in locating and saving the life of a woman lost near the Skagit river.

In 2007, Bob undertook the effort of rebuilding the K9 team, and due to his efforts as K9 Team Coordinator, we have evolved into a highly trained team with more members (both 4-footed and 2-footed) than ever before.

Much of our current training approach and team culture is due to the contributions and guidance that Bob provided in his many, many hours of volunteering. In January, 2015 Bob passed away after a long illness. We honor the work he did on behalf of Search and Rescue and hold him close in our hearts.

K9 Bosse

K9 Bosse was a treasured member of our SAR family, working alongside his partner, Suzanne Elshult. As a certified wilderness airscent K9, Bosse jumped out of helicopters, rappelled, climbed and helped to bring home the lost and missing. When his search career ended at age 13,he went on to educate the public at many,many public relations events and to help out new handlers on our team. Who can forget that high head pop and prancing step when he found someone – he knew “hottie doggies” were on the way!





K9 Peer

Search dog PeerPeer, a golden retriever, worked with handler Bob Fuller as a certified wilderness airscent dog for many years.  Along with Bob, Peer was instrumental in locating and saving the life of a woman lost near the Skagit river.   In 2012 we lost K9 Peer, one of our best search dogs, to a sudden illness.



K9 Ferdie

K9 in the field




Ferdie worked with handler Chris Terpstra as a certified wilderness airscent dog for many years.  As a team they also trained in human remains detection, disaster, avalanche and water search.  Together they brought home the lost and the missing.  Ferdie was a treasured member of our K9 team and will be sorely missed.

K9 Justice


Justice worked with handler Claudia Celano as a certified trailing dog.  He also was a certified therapy dog.  Together Justice and Claudia worked many, many missions over the years.  All so “That Others May Live”.  Together they shared a passion for search and rescue and demonstrated their care for others through therapy work.

Handler Pamela and search dog Caymus


K9 Caymus originally certified in Human Remains Detection in 2010 and recertified multiple times after that. During his search career he went on many, many missions to help bring home the missing.  He is missed by all of us on the team.